How to Deal With a Skunk After You Catch It

Once you have trapped the skunks, there are multiple ways through what can be done after it has been caught. Some of the ways are listed below:

Killing of the skunk:
One of the ways of getting rid of the skunk is to kill it. You can either shoot it or euthanize it. Shooting the animal is an easy task but it is not considered a good way of removing the skunks from the home. The loss of the animal blood is very much important while shooting or killing the animal. If the animals blood is spread somewhere in the house, there are chances of some bacterial or infectious diseases such as rabies can be contracted by the humans. Whoever is exposed to the blood of the animal will have chances of catching rabies.

Relocate the skunk somewhere else:
Once the skunk has been caught in the trap, put some spray or catch the skunk in an old sheet, so that it does not attack you in return. If the skunks are caught safely, there are chances that the skunk will not attack the person, as the target won't be visible to the skunk anymore.  If you are catching the skunk with a towel, very carefully approach the skunk and try to throw the towel on it. But before throwing make sure that you are far away from the skunk. Once it has been caught, take the animal to some woody area and then release it over there. 

Precautions to catch the skunk:

  • Make sure to wear protective clothes along with face mask and gloves, so that the disease is not transferred to you. 
  • Ensure that the gloves you use are of great quality.
  • If the skunk knocks on the walls of the cage, make sure to leave the skunk there and then go away from the place. Because this action is an indication of skunk producing its spray on the attacker.
  • These precautions are best to be taken so that so that it does not spray its discharge on you.
  • If the skunk is aggressive while catching it, make sure that you do not release it. Let it calm down first and then release it. Try to stay away from the skunk.
  • The rural skunks behave differently as compared to the urban skunks. The rural skunks will get angrier when they see any human near them. Whereas the urban skunks will not show any such actions.

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